A Song Written by Phil (Bernard) Mc Donnell


(v1)  Pat was once in Belcoo town to Enniskillen he was bound

Looking round and all around in the glen to see the railway.




Its engine boiling water tight

puffin with all its might

And upon my word it was a sight

to see the Belcoo railway.

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Video by youtube user gowlan. Around The Cuilcagh Mountains and Belcoo Railway sang by Dan O'Hara at the Bush bar, Blacklion, West Cavan reunion, Aug, 1989.


 A poem by Gerry (Mickey Frank) Maguire


The clock strikes four on this foreign shore, beside my sleepless bed.

The harvest moon is full and bright and memories fill my head.

I can see it still and I always will with longing and desire,

When the rafters rang and we danced and sang

Round Phil McDonnell's fire.

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 A poem by John O Rourke


Cuilcagh on Christmas day is squat and  immovable.

Stolidly I ascend the Oggal road towards Unshago.

Near the top Surveying North-Westerly in utter silence there is meditation.

A reed quivers in the mild light.

Man is thinking reed, Quinlan,the old professor once remarked.

In lotus position there is only God.

Ben ,

elongated, and back far reaching runs out to Sligo,

Its mountain a foggy grey blue.

Two bushes-branches entwined are dancing

One a Hindu goddess reaching out

The other in awesome rapture appears to bow.


 by Dr Nessan Mc Cann who was a general practitioner in West Cavan and Belcoo from 1953 untill 1959


Though banished far from Ireland,

My thoughts go ever back

To a border town in Cavan,

They call it just the 'Black.

In any of the seasons,

My heart will miss a beat,

As thoughts go back to cavan

And quiet Blacklion Street.

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