A Song Written by Phil (Bernard) Mc Donnell


(v1)  Pat was once in Belcoo town to Enniskillen he was bound

Looking round and all around in the glen to see the railway.




Its engine boiling water tight

puffin with all its might

And upon my word it was a sight

to see the Belcoo railway.




(v2) Up the stairs he did prepare six pence he gave for his fare

out the window he did stare his first time on the railway.




(v3) The chaps up there with curly hair and at poor paddy he did stare

Says you have not paid your fair for first class on the railway.




(v4)Paddys blood began to rise and he hit the man between the eyes

Left him in a sad suprise that morning on the railway.




(v5)Back to Glan poor pat did steer to tell them all of the wonders there

No man that ever lived in Glan had ever seen a railway.


(chorus to end)


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