by Dr Nessan Mc Cann who was a general practitioner in West Cavan and Belcoo from 1953 untill 1959


Though banished far from Ireland,

My thoughts go ever back

To a border town in Cavan,

They call it just the 'Black.

In any of the seasons,

My heart will miss a beat,

As thoughts go back to cavan

And quiet Blacklion Street.



In spring we watched the swallows

Swoop low across the lake,

And anglers then would ponder

How soon they'd fish "the drake."

On evenings in the summer

We liked to take our ease

Admiring sunset from the bridge

And basking in the breeze.


"The weathers warm for Autumn,

"Sure, the Winter will be brief",

What a peaceful conversation

At the falling of the leaf"

"There's snow today on Cuilcagh"

In December we might say

"Sure it's nice to have a little

Going to Mass on Christmas Day"


We lead a quiet peaceful life

'Twas far too good to last

That's why I'll always treasure

These memories of the past.

Its sad to think we're scattered

And ne'er will have again

The idle ways and blissful days

We had by Lough McNean.


The Good Lord has been good to me

And if i don't get back

I thank Him with my heart and Soul

For Memories of the Black.


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